Just days after announcing its new mid-sized venue PowerLite Pro Z range of projectors, Epson has unveiled a new education venue-focused addition to the range in the form of the PowerLite 93+.

Based on the popular PowerLite 93, the new replacement offers a range of high performance features – including brightness that is 200 lumens greater than that of its predecessor. Heather Litus Johnston, the product manager of K-12 Education for Epson America, said that the new projector fills a range of needs and purposes in the modern classroom.

“Bright projectors are in high demand for classrooms with a lot of ambient light, and they help to improve learning environments for students,” she said. “The PowerLite 93+ is not only incredibly bright, it comes equipped with a wide range of features at an affordable price, demonstrating Epson’s dedication to providing flexible and robust classroom solutions.”

The PowerLite 93+ provides 2,600 lumens of colour and white light output and comes with a broad range of connection options, including RJ-45 wired LAN connectivity for remote projector management and HDMI connectivity for linking it up with external devices. A virtual remote control, via a web browser, allows for basic control of the device from a computer, instead of through the remote control.

The PowerLite 93+ will be launched for sale in the consumer market in March 2012.