Projector manufacturer Epson has offered some sage advice to those attempting to pinpoint the ideal projector for use in educational settings.

When searching for a projector that will be used in auditoriums or classroom settings, it is essential that the device offers a sufficient level of brightness, as well as being cost effective and easy to use.

Dean Jules, projector account manager at Epson South Africa, told IT Web: “Unfortunately, most projectors' specification sheets only offer a brightness rating, measured in lumens, that tells you how bright the projector will be when displaying an all-white image.

“What a lot of vendors don't tell you is that a projector's colour brightness can be significantly lower, making for dull colours. And dull colours make for dull viewing, no matter how much you try to liven up the content.

Mr Jules said that, as a result of this, it was essential that a device's Colour Light Output (CLO) should be investigated before it is bought for an educational setting. The CLO and the white light output (WLO) should both provide equal lumens in order to obtain the ideal picture for use in a classroom setting.

“Projectors based on 3LCD, like Epson's projectors, will never boost their white light output at the expense of colour. Because of the way Epson's 3LCD works, white and colour brightness will always be the same, producing clear, sharp and vibrant images,” Mr Jules concluded.