Epson's EB-1910 and EB-1915 multimedia projectors have been designed specifically with boardroom and classroom presentations in mind.

According to the manufacturer, the projectors - with their 3LCD technology, integrated speakers and USB interfaces - are optimised for corporate and classroom presentations. The models' three-chip engines provide vivid coloured images, while they offer 4,000 lumens of brightness in 2000:1 contrast ratios.

Slide Converter software installed in the EB-1915 eliminates the need for a PC or laptop in allowing users to present data stored in a USB drive, something Epson says will "greatly benefit" the business and education sectors. Furthermore, wireless connectivity means video and audio signals are transmitted without the need for a clutter of cables in the meeting room or classroom.

"Epson has always strived to understand and respond to the evolving projector market and consumer needs through continuous research and innovation," explains a spokesperson for the digital imaging specialist.

In-built, front-facing exhausts mean the projectors can be mounted on ceilings or placed on desktops for presentations and audiences won't be exposed to warmth if they're sitting close.

Finally, at weights of up to 3.5kg, the Epson machines' all-important portability is a given.