Epsom has launched a series of ultra slim, compact and portable projectors, designed for mobile use by professionals.

There are four projectors in the range: the EB-1750, EB-1760W, EB-1770W and EB-1775W.

Each projector weighs a mere 1.7 kg, making them highly portable. The projectors are also ultra slim and very compact – their chassis measures just 44mm in height, which means they can even fit in a laptop bag.

Epsom has used 3LCD technology in this new series of projectors, so they have very good levels of brightness. The 1750 and 1760W both offer 2,600 lumens, while the other two projectors in the range have 3,000 lumens, and all offer a contrast ratio of 2000:1.

Wireless connectivity is also available in the projectors, so that they can be connected to a PC or notebook while on the move.

Other features of this compact range of projectors include HD readiness, HDMI connectivity, quick startup and instant off, front facing exhaust, integrated speaker mute, slide lens shutter and long lasting lamp. In addition, the projectors have a very short throw of only 1.35 m, so that images up to 60-inches in size may be projected and the projectors are suitable for use in a small room.