Technology giant Epson has announced three new high-spec full HD 3D projectors aimed at film lovers.

Unveiled at the IFA 2012 being held in Berlin, the EH-TW9100W, EH-TW9100 and EH-TW8100 projectors promised to offer the ‘ultimate home cinema experience.’

Some of the functions the new projectors boast include 2D to 3D conversion, super-resolution and frame interpolation in order to achieve a sharper viewing experience and brand new wireless HD transmitter complete with five HDMI inputs1. This transmitter will allow non-wireless devices to be seamlessly connected to the projectors.

Other features included on all three of the projectors range from radio Frequency (RF)[3] 3D technology to 2.1 zoom lens and wide lens shift, thus allowing greater installation flexibility. The EH-TW9100W model also includes wireless Full HD connectivity.

Product manager at Epson UK, Kally Kanda, told 3D Roundabout, “This is Epson’s high-end range of home cinema projectors, perfect for anyone with a dedicated movie room.

“Not only do they deliver high-quality cinematic images, they’re also really easy to install because of their wide lens shift, and centred lens with a powerful zoom. This gives users the flexibility to set the projector up wherever they want, without worrying about blurring or distortion,” Ms Kanda added.

The EH-TW9100W will be priced at £2,899, the EH-TW9100 at £2,599 and the EH-TW8100 at £2,249. They will be available to purchase from November 2012.