Top projector manufacturer Epson has launched a brand new, ultra-portable projection screen to complement its range of portable projectors.

The ES1000 is constructed in a one-piece design and is capable of displaying images up to 50-inches on the diagonal. Its unique design allows it to be set up quickly and simply on virtually any surface in less than half a minute.

Epson's product manager, Jason Meyer, said that the new screen was yet another valuable addition to the company's range of products aimed a making their customer's lives easier.

"Whether walking across town, commuting by car or flying to your next destination, the ES1000 is the perfect travelling partner for road warriors needing an ultra-portable screen that can go anywhere and be setup in seconds," he said.

The lightweight screen is travel-friendly and ideal for small meeting rooms where there is not enough room for a permanent or free-standing screen installation. Its bright white surface ensures that the pictures it displays are of optimum clarity and colour. The screen weighs just 6.5 pounds and measures just 34.5 inches when closed, permitting easy and safe transportation, particularly as it forms its own carry case when it is folded up.