Two new projectors have been announced by Epson, both of which are specifically designed for use in classrooms.

The PowerLite S11 and the PowerLite X12 boast enhanced connectivity options, increased brightness, flexible setup features and an extended lamp life. With the S11, customers get 2,600 lumens of colour and white light out put with SVGA resolution, while the X12 delivers 2,800 lumens with XGA resolution.

In terms of connectivity, there is the option to show slideshows without the use of a PC by connecting USB memory devices directly to one of the projectors. However, they can also be linked up to the Epson DC-06 document camera and external speakers and monitors are easily connected.

The overall setup of the devices is also relatively flexible, with horizontal and vertical keystone correction and Quick Corner. This enables an image to be moved independently for a perfectly rectangular image.

Sara Kim, Epson's associate product manager, commented on the new launches: “Regardless of today's tough economic times, schools are still required to push the technology envelope to better enhance learning in the classroom.

"The PowerLite S11 and X12 enable teachers to show vibrant images at high brightness with increased reliability, ease-of-use, and connectivity that classrooms need while staying within tight budgets."