An interactive learning environment facilitated by the use of a projector has been launched by Epson.

The BrightLink 455Wi bundle combines the Epson BrightLink 455Wi interactive projector and a table mount from Copernicus Education Products. This enables users to turn almost any tabletop into an interactive learning environment by projecting a work image of up to 60 inches diagonal.

Claudine Wolas-Shiva, senior product manager for Epson America, commented: “As the use of interactive tables continues to grow, the BrightLink 455Wi-T provides a cost effective solution compared to the many specialised monitors and tables available today, while providing a larger workspace.”

She added that the projector and table mount are an “easy and affordable way to bring collaboration and flexibility to users working in a variety of applications ranging from hospitality and design to student-centred, project-based learning”.

The projector function son an ultra-short throw basis and uses image size flexibility and other options to allow people to project onto a variety of surfaces. It offers the option of XGA and WXGA interactive areas, as well as 2,500 lumens of colour and whit light output and a native WXGA resolution of 16:10 aspect ratio.