Epson has introduced two new 3D projectors that have been designed specifically to bring a high-quality 3D experience into classrooms.

The PowerLite W16 and W16SK projectors provide two different options for 3D viewing: the W16 provides an active 3D solution, where viewers would use Epson's active shutter 3D RF glasses, while the W16SK provides a passive solution where viewers are able to use Epson’s inexpensive passive 3D glasses.

Epson’s associate product manager for its education projectors, Sara Kim, said that the use of 3D has been proven to enhance learning experiences and the new projectors will help make the technology more affordable and accessible.

“Studies have shown that 3D in education is on the rise and 3D lessons increase student learning and retention,” she explained. “Whether faced with high ambient light or the need to provide affordable 3D glasses for all students, the Epson PowerLite W16SK addresses these challenges by delivering high quality and incredibly bright images, and leveraging technology that allows for inexpensive 3D glasses to be used for all content for every student.”

Both models deliver WXGA widescreen resolution and support multiple HDMI 3D formats out of the box, without the need for an external converter box.

The W16 provides 3,000 lumens of colour brightness and 3,000 lumens of white light output in 2D mode, while the W16SK is able to generate up to 6,000 lumens of colour brightness and 6,000 lumens of white light output.