A projector with functions specifically designed to work with Apple iDevices has been launched by Epson.

The Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD boasts built-in speakers, three chips and is capable of delivering 2,800 Lumens of brightness, however one of its main selling points is its connectivity options.

In addition to the standard HDMI, VGA and USB PC/Mac connections, the MegaPlex allows users to plug in their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad directly to a dock on the projector. As the Apple gadgets show little signs of losing popularity, a projector that allows users to screen their content as easily as possible will most likely be popular with iDevice fans.

The flexibility of connection options and the good quality picture from the projector will allow it to be of use in a range of situations. For example, educational and business presentations formulated on an iPad or iPhone while on the go could easily be delivered through the projector without the need to waste time transferring data between computers and accessories.

The speakers clock in at ten watts and are buried inside the device so as not to hamper its futuristic exterior. Meanwhile, the 720p video quality rivals other gadgets on the market.