Top projector brand Epson has introduced the ultimate large-venue projector.

The PowerLite 4000-series projectors are specially designed for large venues such as conferences, schools auditoriums, religious venues and sports venues.

The series includes three projectors: the 4650 with XGA resolution and 5,200 lumens, the 4750W with WXGA resolution and 4,200 lumens and the 4855WU with WUXGA resolution and 4,000 lumens.

Living up to the standards expected from Epson, each projector delivers impressive colour brightness and vivid images in full HD resolution, as well as advanced centred lens design and up to 2x optical zoom.

The PowerLite 4000-series has also been designed with ease of use in mind, featuring HDMI and Display Port connectivity as well as advanced networking tools.

The projector series also features some of the latest projection technology. Faroudja DCDi technology allows enhanced video quality, reduced noise and improved sharpness. DICOM Simulation Mode technology also allows for accurate reproduction of medical images that are used in medical training and education.

The projector series also harnesses modern app technology, allowing presenters to project from most Apple devices and Android devices.