The new Epson 4K enhanced home cinema projectors have officially hit the Projectorpoint shelves! If you’re in the market for a 4K home cinema projector that won’t break the bank, read on to find out more about Epson’s latest and much anticipated devices.

Since the EH-TW9400, EH-TW9400W and EH-TW7400 were announced as the next instalments of the brand’s already impressive line-up of home cinema projectors, we’ve been watching closely to gauge the response of consumers and tech critics.

Overall, the feedback has been highly positive and Epson’s ability to produce high-quality images with 4K resolution on the screen without the high price tag of native 4K projectors continues to attract well-deserved attention.

Now we’ve finally got our hands on the devices here at Projectorpoint HQ. We’re one of the first retailers in the country to officially launch these devices, so let’s look at exactly what’s on offer.

When you buy your EH-TW9400 or the awesome wireless version, the EH-TW9400W, from Projectorpoint you get the added benefit of a free five-year warranty upgrade worth £240 – so you can enjoy extra security in making what could just be the best value projector purchase of the year!

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Discover incredible, affordable 4K

Epson’s new range is an update to the manufacturer’s already wildly popular 4K enhancement range: the EH-TW7300 and the EH-TW9300, released in 2016. At the entry point to the range, this year’s brand new TW7400 offers an upgrade on the EH-TW7300.

Brightness is lifted from 2,300 to 2,400 ANSI lumens, a welcome development for those who can’t quite block out all the ambient light in the room. The upgrade also sees a more noticeable increase contrast ratio from 160,000:1 to 200,000:1 delivering a vibrant image with better contrast and depth.

Installation flexibility is another big attraction to this model; again something we reckon will be of particular interest for those who are looking to adapt a multi-purpose room to enjoy some amazing home cinema experiences. The wide lens shift allows vertical adjustment of ±96.3 per cent and horizontal of ±47.1 per cent.

But the big win here is the fact that it offers affordable 4K viewing. Epson’s 4K enhancement technology is an alternative to native 4K. It’s not the same, but the price different makes it an incredibly attractive option. With the EH-TW7400 you’re looking at 4K images on the screen for under £2,000.

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The ultimate home cinema experience

Further up the range is the EH-TW9400, the successor to the highly acclaimed EH-TW9300. As with the TW7400, this latest update to the Epson home cinema range offers an increase in brightness and contrast ratio, as well as support for HDR10, HLG HDR formats and 18GBPS 4K signals.

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Take your viewing experience all the way to the top with the EH-TW9400W and you’ll also get the flexibility of a wireless projector. Wireless projectors remain contentious – are they really going to deliver as expected or will they be more hassle than they’re worth to get things running smoothly? If you ask us, Epson already have this corner of the market nailed and the EH-TW9400W only refines what is already a fantastic home cinema experience.

When you buy the EH-TW9400 or the TW9400W from Projectorpoint we’ll upgrade your warranty to a five-year return to base warranty worth £240 for FREE!

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The details

Tempted? Check out our comparison below to help you decide which the best Epson home cinema projector is for you:

4K images for 2019 and beyond!

Our experts are available to help you make the final decision on which model you’ll be backing this year (and for many more to come), when it comes to selecting the right home cinema projector for you. So remember you can always give us a call to discuss your choices.

But we also know how important it is to see these devices in action sometimes when you’re looking to choose the best model for your home cinema setup.

As enhanced 4K differs in technology from native 4K, many find it’s reassuring to actually see how close the image quality is in person. So, we’re offering free demonstrations for customers who want a little taste of what they’re in for, should you want to see the EH-TW9400, EH-TW9400W or EH-TW7400  in action.


If you’d like to hear more or arrange a demonstration, give us a call on 0800 073 0833 to schedule a convenient time for you learn more about this great range of devices.