The global leader in the commercial projector market, Epson, has made the surprise announcement that it will not be working on developing its 3D projector technology until an industry standard has been set.

Iain Friar, the marketing manager for Epson UK said the current variables in the technology had left them feeling like 3D technology would not yet be practical and profitable.

Epson is best known for its printers, but is quietly dominant in the projector world, with a 30 per cent market share.

Mr Friars announcement follows evidence that, despite the aggressive marketing and development of 3D home cinema technology, the British public are still not buying into it. Recent figures for television sales showed that just 3 per cent of all televisions bought were 3D capable.

While the televisions are still in their infancy – the technology only having been launched a year ago – major brands such a Sony, Panasonic and Samsung would have been hoping for a greater return on investment from their heavy advertising and marketing campaigns.

Epson's 3LCD is a direct rival to Texas Instruments' DLP chip in powering projectors. While Epson has been lauded for its candour over 3D projectors, some tech experts are wondering whether their holding back will persuade some current 3LCD users – including Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi and Toshiba – to switch allegiances to DLP.