Epson Head to Head: The 6800 Vs 7300 Home Cinema Projectors

Epson’s TW6800 and TW7300 projectors have quickly become two of the most popular devices in the home cinema projector market thanks to their wide range of features and value for money.

But while the 6800 is an undoubtedly great projector, does the 7300 have enough of an edge to justify the step up in price?

We take a closer look.

Exploring the 6800

The Epson TW6800 is one of the best projectors within its price range, delivering Full HD resolution, horizontal and vertical lens shift, installation flexibility and a notably high contrast ratio of 120,000:1. This technology combines to create a truly immersive home cinema experience that surpasses many of the brand’s competitors, while remaining at a surprisingly affordable price point.

Aside from its more obvious qualities, the projector also provides users with the option of either 2D or 3D playback, as well as vertical and horizontal keystone correction for a more stable and realistic image. The image benefits from 2,700 lumens of brightness, which works alongside high White and Colour Light Output.

The result of all these features? True to life projection that really showcases the quality of the original source material – great for home cinema fans.

Epson’s Next Step

There’s no doubt that you get a lot for your money with the Epson 6800. But the Epson TW7300 has a lot more to offer both in terms of features and the resulting image quality.

The 7300 offers Full HD resolution with 4K enhancement for a clearer and more advanced image that’s close to cinema quality. It’s not genuine 4K, but this ‘upscaling’ technology has been a real game changer for home cinema fans without the budget for a full 4K projector, which let’s face it, is most of us.

The TW7300 also delivers a greater contrast ratio of 160,000:1, which means deeper blacks and a colour contrast that allows viewers to watch their favourite films the way the director intended. Plus, with in-built lens memory position storage capability, it’s possible to correct aspect ratio at the touch of a button.

Projectorpoint customers who went for the 7300 also point out how flexible installation is and how easy it is to connect the projector up to a range of equipment such as games consoles, media players and satellite boxes.

While you can’t go wrong with the the 6800, the increase in features is really noticeable in the TW7300. If you can stretch that bit further, we’d advise doing so and given the positive reviews the TW7300 has received, we don’t think we’re alone on this one.

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