Epson announces G7000-Series projectors for Down Under

Epson announces G7000-Series projectors for Down Under
Epson announces G7000-Series projectors for Down Under
Epson has announced the release of its next generation G7000-Series projectors in Australia and New Zealand.

The latest models include new features, including increased brightness and motorised lenses. The series also features the world's first zero-offset ultra-short-throw lens with a 0.35 throw ratio, making them perfect for small venues.

The series will comprise of six models, each of which have the capability of delivering 8,000 lumens for both colour and white brightness. Further features include nine optional and interchangeable lenses, which allow users to choose the lens most suitable for the viewing via a quick-release lever. Ranges include ultra-short-throw, two short-throw, one wide-throw, four middle-throw and one long-throw.

In terms of connectivity, a full range of inputs are available, including HDBaseT, HDMI, DVI-D, VGA and 5-BNC. The G7000 Series also comes with 4K Enhancement Technology designed to accept 4K signal and enhance the 1080p movie experience. This technology comes with a built-in edge blending, image warping and curved-surface correction technologies.

The series further comes with a split screen function, allowing up to 50 Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices to be connected over the network, with up to four being displayed on the screen at any given time. This, says Epson, aids in collaborative work, as well as seminars and lectures. The other added benefit of the new projectors is their ability to run 24/7 thanks to their integrated cooling systems and ability to operate for up to a limit of 15,000 hours.

Craig Heckenberg, the general manager of the business division at Epson Australia, said on the new releases: “The Epson G-Series offers bright, brilliant images combined with advanced features, making them some of the best-selling projectors in Australia and New Zealand.

“The new G7000-Series raises the bar with higher brightness, 4K Enhancement resolution, new motorised lenses and advanced technology to captivate any audience. They also underscore our commitment to delivering a broad portfolio for any company who requires a high-quality projection solution for their meetings.”

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