Distributor Entatech UK Ltd has secured a distribution agreement with upcoming projector manufacturer Pico Genie.

Pico Genie, established in 2011, has joined Entatech in a bid to expand into an extensive reseller base, according to CEO Oliver Website. Speaking about the new partnership, he said: “Pico Genie is delighted to be working with Entatech to take our range of innovative, ultra-portable LED projectors and desktop screens to a wider market."

Entatech is also working with similar technology companies, including Adata and Philips, but Systems, Solutions and Displays Channel Manager Paul Olliver insists that the company is excited to be including Pico Genie in their product portfolio.

Pico Genie specialises in LED projector products for a number of markets, including entertainment, education and corporate. Products include the A100, an accessory for the iPhone that allows users to record videos and play them back up to 60 inches in size with up to three hours of battery life.

According to Mr Olliver, Pico Genie's projector products will help Entatech provide a range of innovative and exciting projector products to various industries while ensuring resellers are offered portable, highly functional and high quality products.