Top projector technologist, Ross Ashton, has stitched together an enormous projection display for this year’s Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, using Edinburgh Castle’s imposing walls as giant projector screens.

Ashton’s The Projection Studio company was contracted to provide the display by Creative Scotland, to create a feature that celebrated iconic items of Scottish culture, business and history.

The enormous images were projected onto an area that was 83 metres wide, along the castle’s walls, with four PIGI 6K projectors used for the task. The images from three of the projectors were blended together to form a singular image, allowing for the picture to stretch as far as the far right hand edge of the castle walls, where they start to slope away down hill.

The fourth projector was used to create an enormous projection on the floor area in front of the castle gates, for people to view as they entered an exited the Tattoo’s new, purpose-built amphitheatre.

Aston, who works from a base in London, spent around a month creating the system during a very intensive working period. He has been providing elaborate projection systems for major public events since 2005.