After some initial skepticism about pocket projectors, or pico projectors, technology fans are finally facing up to the fact that these mini, ultra-portable devices may well be the future of the projector market.

These mobile-sized projectors are effective for anyone who wants to project an image, be it a photograph, a PowerPoint presentation, or a video, onto a wall in a dark room. Granted, the image is only about five-feet diagonally across, at the most, but this is large enough for most user needs.

The obvious selling point with these devices is their portability. Users can take them camping and project an image on a tent wall. They can take them to bed and watch a film projected onto their ceiling. Passengers could even use the projectors on flights to avoid having to endure the tiny screen on the back of the seat in front. The possible uses are almost endless.

Since their launch last year, the second wave of pico projectors is now emerging onto the scene and is creating a lot of excitement. The two main trends to look out for this year include picos that use lasers to enhance clarity and brightness, and mobile phones that come complete with pico projectors.