Projector screen manufacturer, Elite, has launched a new curved screen that gives the view the impression that they are being physically drawn in to the images being projected.

The Lunette screen is the latest in the company's display offerings and is aimed at giving home cinema enthusiasts and major presentation venues the best possible surface onto which they can project their films and images.

The screen enhances the aesthetic appeal of the display through its curvature and succeeds in eliminating the problem of the "pincushion effect" which is common when projecting in a widescreen format.

The pincushion effect appears when the centre of a widescreen screen appears to droop inwards, due to the increased length of the aspect ratio. This means the light from the projector must travel further to the sides of the screen and, in doing so, distorts the size of the footprint.

The Lunette measures from 85 to 166 inches diagonally and displays in 16:9 (HDTV) or 2.35:1 (Widescreen) aspect ratios. The surface options for the screen include Elite’s CineWhite tension matte white 1.1 gain material, which is black-backed to minimise light penetration. Also available is the acoustically transparent AcousticPro1080 matte white woven material with black fabric backing material. The screen is edged with a 3.5-inch thick frame and is coated in black velour to eliminate light reflection.