Projector screen manufacturer, Elite Screen, has unveiled a new curved frame, acoustically transparent screen in the form of the new Lunette A4K.

The innovative new design is said to be a next-generation model that enhances high-resolution images and creates an immersive viewing experience for projector users. Elite’s marketing manager, Dave Rodgers, said the screen would provide outstanding viewing for use for all projectors.

“It wraps the viewer in a vivid image with excellent direct and off-axis luminescence along with stunning colour uniformity,” he said. “Sound breathes through the material with a minimal amount of acoustical insertion loss or dispersion. The design gives a superb performance free of visual artifacts so that viewers can sit, enjoy and be wrapped in a full cinematic experience.”

The curved design of the screen serves to draw people into the cinemascope film, while also eliminating any pin-cushion effect commonly seen when projecting in the 2.35:1 format.

The material creates a 1.1 gain projection surface, with an angular mesh weave design giving optimum sound penetration. The A4K material was also specifically designed so that in-wall speakers behind the screen can give perfect audio quality. It provides outstanding levels of colour uniformity and off-axis luminescence, and is black-backed to minimise bounce-back distortion.