Elite Screens Inc. has launched a brand new low-cost projection screen, perfect for ad hoc outdoor occasions such as picnics and barbecues.

The new DIY Outdoor Movie Screen has been launched specifically for small scale outdoor events, to give people a better quality of picture than just using a regular cloth bedsheet or curtain.

The screen manufacturer’s marketing manager, David Rodgers, said that they had seen significant demand for a low-cost solution for such purposes.

“We have been getting a lot of requests for a low-cost outdoor projection screens for picnics and barbecues lately. This is a versatile fabric that is professionally designed for video projection use without the drawbacks that come with projecting on regular cloth bed sheets,” he said. “I suppose everyone is chomping at the bit for summertime so it’s a good thing we are producing these now and at the right price too.”

The professionally engineered screen has been designed to have strong colour neutrality, eliminating red, green or blue colour shifts. It is made of Elite’s Dynawhite theatre-grade PVC material, fixed in four corners, and able to stand up to the effects of outdoor breezes.

The screen has a 1.1 gain matte white projection surface, which is textured to avoid hot-spotting while providing colour neutrality, and a wide viewing angle that is perfect for social events.