The Evanesce Fully Loaded In-Ceiling Electric Projection Screen from Elite Screens Inc. has been given full international certification as a plenum compliant product.

The screen incorporates a full features package and, with the certification, is a ready-to-go installation screen that is available immediately for projector users around the world.

Marketing manager for Elite Screens, Dave Rodgers, said that they had been anticipating the new certification for some time and were please to be able to finally release it with such an important endorsement.

“It’s a great product and we have been eagerly waiting for testing & certification process to be complete,” said Rodgers. “The UL 2043 certification confirms that the Evanesce is fully compliant for air handling space installation jobs in either commercial or residential locations”.

The screen is a discreet installation that can be hidden when not in use. It is available in either fibreglass-backed (Evanesce) or tensioned (Evanesce Tensioned) 1.1 gain matte white material. Both of the formats allow for exemplary colour temperatures and have black backings to cut out light penetration.

The Evanesce is made in sizes ranging from 84” to 139”, in 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 and 2.35:1 aspect ratios.