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  1. Projector helps students get to grips with cookery skills

    Projector helps students get to grips with cookery skills
    A new education
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  2. Collaboration brings new possibilities with education projectors

    Collaboration brings new possibilities with education projectors
    A new partnership between Epson and SMART Technologies
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  3. Brentwood school uses projector technology in smart learning environment

    Brentwood school uses projector technology in smart learning environment
    A school in Brentwood has made
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  4. Epson teams with Autodesk to transform projectors into design tools

    Epson is set to collaborate with software developer Autodesk to make it easier for engineers and architects to seamlessly use a projector in their active design sessions.

    The Autodesk Revit software will allow design professionals to easily access Epson projectors with Autodesk Seek, a programme that enables designers to search for, download and integrate models, drawings and product specifications for their designs.

    Thanks to Autodesk Revit software, those designers, architects and engineers designing buildings using a Building Information Modeling (BIM) process will be able

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  5. NEC reveals compact laser projector for lecture halls

    NEC reveals compact laser projector for lecture halls NEC reveals compact laser projector for lecture halls

    Major projector manufacturer NEC has found a way of transforming traditional

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  6. Christie launches first ultra-short throw HD solid-state projector

    Christie has unveiled the world's first solid-state projector to be available at 3,000 lumens or more with the launch of its Captiva Series.

    This addition to Christie's 1DLP laser phosphor projector line-up promises to deliver exceptional brightness in small spaces where silent, reliable and energy-efficient projection is paramount.

    Captiva Series also boasts a 0:24 ultra-short throw lens and choice between HD (1920x1080) or UltraWide (1920x780), making it ideal for running multiple creative applications.

    Perfect for use in 24/7 high-usage applications, Captiva

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  7. Optoma plans to simplify installation with new projector

    Leading projector manufacturer Optoma promises to simplify complex AV installations with its latest model, the WXGA W515 ProScene.

    Engineered for professional installations, the 6,000 lumen high-specification projector has multiple digital connection options, making it both versatile and intuitive.

    Thanks to a 1.8x zoom and a built-in geometric adjustment feature, the installer can easily adjust the shape of the image to create a square image - perfect for uneven walls or awkward projector placement.

    What's more, the geometric adjustment allows for image stacking.

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  8. Solar-powered projectors to transform Malawi's education

    An app developer has unveiled a solar-powered projection solution designed to provide an education for one billion children in Africa.

    Onebillion, a not-for-profit developers and publisher of educational apps, found a way of transforming Optoma’s ultra mobile LED ML750e projector into a tool to educate hundreds of pupils in a classroom.

    Working with Cambridge-based engineer Chris Moller, onebillion installed the projector in a sturdy case with an Apple TV media streamer and an amplified speaker system to create a portable energy efficient projection solution.

    As well

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  9. School creates interactive classrooms with Epson projectors

    A school in Christchurch has fitted its classrooms with Epson projectors following the 2011 earthquakes which destroyed 80 per cent of its buildings.

    St Margaret's College chose the Epson EB-485Wi and EB-585Wi interactive ultra-short throw projectors after evaluating all the current models on the market.

    Blake Richardson, technical systems manager at St Margaret's College, said the school required upgrades because of the huge damage to buildings following the earthquake.

    The school had previously had a mix of new and old projectors from various manufacturers,

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  10. InFocus unveils classroom-optimised projectors

    InFocus Corporation has unveiled its latest series of classroom-optimised projectors, specially designed to create immersive images that enhance learning.

    The IN110x series features five new projectors, which each feature 3200-lumen brightness and 15,000:1 contrast ratio, making them ideal for the ambient-light levels of most classrooms.

    Each projector offers a different solution to the varying screen shapes and throw distances of classrooms. However, while their native resolution, aspect ration, throw ratio and zoom ratio differ, every model boasts the same connectivity options.

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