Early concept designs for the next generation of iPhone have revealed a completely revamped look that operates around an inbuilt LED bulb projector.

The early prototype design images of the iPhone 5 were created by veteran designer, Samuel Lee Kwon, and show the market-leading smartphone adopting a completely different 'form factor' to its precursors.

The phone would no longer take the customary slab form, rather it would be a wrist-mounted device that would project its touch-sensitive 'screen' on to the palm of your hand, allowing for interaction with a virtual image.

While the design has been described as "too out of the box" and unlikely to become a mass-produced device, tech experts have lauded its foresight and potential for future technological advances as highly impressive.

iPhones have sold more than 40 million units since they were launched in January 2007. The iPhone 4 - which itself was completely remodeled from all the designs that had gone before it - was launched in June 2010 selling 1.7 million units within the first three days of being on sale.

The incorporation of a projector into future models of the handset has long been seen as an inevitability, as the technology gradually becomes as standard a component in mobile phones as cameras are.