Dreamvision has launched the world's first ultra short throw projector to offer both laser technology and Full-HD resolution.

The company claims the combination of laser technology, ultra-short throw lens, interactivity, 3D, HD
resolution and high brightness has never been seen before the release of the UST25-4000HDi.

The new video-projector can produce 4,000 ANSI lumens and display a 100-inch diagonal screen from only 30 centimetres off the screen.

The projector's lightweight design makes it portable, while its ultra short throw projection ratio means it can be positioned directly below the screen.

Thanks to its laser technology, the UST25-4000HDi does not heat up, making it perfect for 24/7 operations. As well as switching off in an instant, it also takes only eight seconds to reach optimal picture quality.

Dreamwork's new addition to its Pro range promises to turn any room into a cinema. With a pair of DLP-Link glasses, users can even project 3D contents such as movies, games or simulation directly on their wall or screen.

Ultra short throw projectors are popular with customers who want to enjoy high quality projection, but are restricted by space. Whether used in a busy bar or crowded art exhibition, the UST25-4000HDi promises to deliver exceptional picture and sound quality.