An e-graffiti system that infra-red beams and projector screens use to create graffiti images has been given £50,000 in development cash by the millionaires of BBC2's Dragons' Den.

The system – named YrWall – was developed by Monmouth business partners Tom Hogan and Tim Williams, who managed to impress the Dragons enough to pick up £25,000 each from Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden. The Dragons will now hold a 20 per cent stake in the product.

The pair of 31-year-olds set about developing the system after Tom first came up with it while working in marketing at a Bristol nightclub. It uses a 'digital spray can' to fire an infra-red beam at a projector screen. The image is left on the screen and can then be captured and displayed.

After preliminary developments, they tested it out in the club Tom was working in. A delighted response led to the pair quitting their jobs in February 2009 to work on the enterprise full-time.

Tim said they then “spent every waking hour” working on it “living off nothing”, until they had created six YrWalls – each worth £20,000 – and began renting them out to such big-name companies as Google, MTV and Orange.

The pair – who are the only full-time employees working on the project – will now use the Dragons' Den cash to further its development and aim to make it a common-place tool for whiteboards in schools, shops and arcades.