Award-winning projector manufacturer Digital Projection International (DPI) has revealed its latest creation, the world's brightest LED projector.

The INSIGHT 4K Dual-LED, which boasts 3,000 ANSI lumens, was unveiled at InfoComm 2015. DPI promises that thanks to advanced LED technology, its new model offers unbeatable brightness and colour performance.

In the past, LED projectors have struggled to offer the same image quality as regular models, but the INSIGHT 4K Dual-L reportedly changes this by providing a previously unreachable combination of expanded colour gamut and brightness.

What's more, the impressive lifespan of the lamps should also dramatically reduce the cost of ownership. With 60,000 hours of consistent light output, the solid-state LED illumination promises to maintenance and running costs.

DPI claims its new projector is perfect for any venue where accurate, expanded gamut colour reproduction is absolutely critical. Thanks to much lower cooling requirements, noise levels and heat output, the INSIGHT 4K Dual-LED is also ideal for situations where the audience and projector share a compact space.

Digital Projection International has previously won accolades in recognition of its work, becoming the only projection company to win an Emmy for its work.

The INSIGHT 4K Dual-LED will ship in September 2015.