A new home cinema projector has been launched by Digital Projection International (DPI), featuring 2.75 million pixels of imagery when scope HD content is displayed.

The dVision Scope is a precision DLP projector and delivers a true 1080p solution for 2:35 aspect content without optical stretching or the need for an anamorphic lens solution. This means that the system can deliver top notch picture quality.

By bypassing the need for an anamorphic lens when employed in a constant height application, the projector is able to save some of the brightness that would usually be consumed by such technology yet still allows the system to move between different aspect ratios while displaying constant image height.

The home cinema system is best suited for medium to large-sized screens. The quiet nature of the projector makes it ideal for viewing films without distraction, while its manufacturers claim that installation flexibility is assured through a range of ultra-accurate optics.

Meanwhile, users can also optimise the lumens and black level required to suit the conditions of the room by adjusting the motorised lens iris through a number of intuitive user controls, which are simple to integrate, control and operate.