Christie projectors have been selected as part of a major cinema upgrade projector by Dolby and theatre chain AMC.

Dolby Atmos, which is the company's latest surround sound technology, is also being used in the scheme, which will see the first new screens opened in the US in May.

Among the major films being released in May are The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Mad Max: Fury Road and Tomorrowland, but Dolby and AMC have not confirmed which movie will be first.

Speaking to the Verge, Doug Darrow, Dolby's senior vice-president of cinema, said: "It's far beyond the dynamic range of any film system that was ever in use. This will be something that people have never seen before."

Dual 4K laser projectors created with Christie will be a major part of the cinema upgrades, while specifically mastered, HDR versions of movies will be displayed on the screens to show off the full potential of the new system.

John McDonald, executive vice-president of AMC's US and Canadian operations, explained that the roll out of the latest technology will be gradual. The plan is for five cinemas to have the new systems by the end of June, with 50 in total installed by the end of 2018 and 100 by 2024.

Mr McDonald said: "When we saw it, we were frankly blown away by what we saw. We're very hopeful that this will be a game changer for us, and for the industry."