An American firm has showcased its DLP pico projector technology, revealing a range of capabilities offered by new chipsets.

DLP Products unveiled the USB-powered Acer C110 laptop projector, a digital camera from Nikon with a projector and two Philips PicoPix pocket projectors among others. The devices are made possible by the DLP pico technology so that smaller systems can display the images previously only thought possible with full-sized projectors.

Nicolas Gillet, product manager at Nikon Europe BV, commented: “We chose to integrate DLP technology into our new COOLPIX S1200pj camera as it enables the inclusion of a Pico projector for high quality projection performance.

“Essentially, the user can simply connect the camera up to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod and use it as an external projector.”

DLP Products is now producing its Pico HD chip, which will enable great quality HD (WXGA) quality projection with improved energy efficiency and more brightness than before, while maintaining the tiny size that has allowed it to deliver so much flexibility.

Frank Moizio, manager at DLP Pico, explained that the firm is keen to innovate in order to make it easier to “spontaneously use, share, and enjoy multimedia content”.