DLP-based M2 Series of projectors launched by NEC

The DLP-based M2 Series of projectors has been launched by NEC Display Solutions Europe, aimed at users in an educational or corporate setting.

The four new projectors offer a host of features including full HD resolution, WXGA and 10,000:1 contrast ratio. A 1.7x optical zoom makes the devices ideal for being mounted on a classroom wall or used in a meeting room.

They are also low maintenance as a result of a filter free design with a sealed DLP light engine, ensuring that no specks of dust are able to collect on the DLP chips.

The M2 Series of projectors are ideal for eco-conscious users as a result of their ECO mode, which makes use of 30 per cent power, enabling the lamp to last for 8,000 hours.

The devices also offer a range of advanced connectivity options, made possible through an integrated wireless access point. This allows multiple devices to be linked up to the projector without the need for an additional router.

Users will be able to transfer content from their tablet, smartphone or other device directly to the projectors using either NEC’s free Image Express Utility Lite including audio transmission or Wireless Image Utility, the latter of which will be launched next month.

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