1. Paramount to speed up home release of films

    Paramount Pictures has struck a deal with two US cinema chains to make movies available for home release just two weeks after they leave cinemas.

    If successful, a move towards shorter periods between cinema and home release could be good news for projector owners waiting to watch the latest blockbusters.

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  2. Projectors helps create the perfect outdoor cinema

    As the outdoor cinemas take London and the rest of the UK by storm, more people are turning to projectors to create their own backyard cinemas.

    A number of projectors are now marketed towards those wanting to watch their movies under the stars, including the portable Epson Home Cinema 730HD 3LCD

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  3. Casio EcoLite 'best of show' winner at InfoComm

    Casio's EcoLite projector won the award for 'Best of Show' at InfoComm 2015 thanks to its durability, performance and value.

    Casio America, Inc. announced that its new eco-friendly projector, the EcoLite XJ0V1, won the notable award at the international trade event, which took

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  4. NEC launches perfect projector solution for learning

    Leading projector manufacturer NEC has launched the UM352Wi - an all-in-one solution for meeting rooms and classrooms.

    Its latest projector offers everything needed for collaborative work and interactive learning thanks to a wide range of impressive features.

    The UM352Wi allows for a

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  5. Mimio launches new touch projector for classrooms

    Educational technology manufacturer Mimio unveiled a new touch projector for classrooms at this week's International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference.

    The MimioProjector 280T transforms traditional white boards into interactive touch pads, allowing up to ten students

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  6. Touchjet Pond Projector creates interactive classrooms

    The Touchjet Pond Projector was praised as the perfect solution to social learning at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference yesterday.

    The projector, which turns any wall or table surface into an 80-inch interactive touch screen, allows for collaborative and

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  7. What to look out for in a projector for business

    Portability, image quality and connectivity are the three most important questions to ask before purchasing a projector for your business, according to Consumer Electronics.

    The leading consumer electronics website published a list of key factors to consider before making a purchase - a useful

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  8. Sony sets release date for pocket-sized projector

    Sony has announced an October release date for its new pocket-sized laser projector.

    Sony's MPCL1 projector boasts some impressive traits, including a high-resolution of 1920 x 720 - considerably higher than the average 800 x 480 of most pocket projectors.

    But the most remarkable

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  9. Dreamvision launches landmark projector

    Dreamvision has launched the world's first ultra short throw projector to offer both laser technology and Full-HD resolution.

    The company claims the combination of laser technology, ultra-short throw lens, interactivity, 3D, HD
    resolution and high brightness has never been seen before

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  10. Christie reveals omnidirectional projector

    Leading projector manufacturer Christie has revealed its latest creation, the world’s first 4K omnidirectional 3DLP projector.

    The Christie Mirage 304K has been unveiled at the IVR, which is Japan’s largest exhibition focusing on new 3D and high definition image technologies, taking place on

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