Projection solution manufacturer DisplayMapper, part of the Projection Artworks company, has launched MirrorBox, the first projection-mapped display unit that is capable of mapping onto physical objects within real-life environments.

Designed for a retail setting, the point of sale technology is easy to view in daylight and enables users to create HD patterns and effects that can be projected over products to encourage more visitors.

The first in a new generation of POS displays, MirrorBox is powered by a low cost 3D projection system that can not only control but also distribute important marketing content to hundreds of MirrorBox displays across the world.

According to Tom Burch, managing director of DisplayMapper and Projection Artworks, MirrorBox allows users to make the most of their existing advertising content during through projection, even in a light environment.

Mr Burch also explains that the MirrorBox system provides content without the need for many traditional projector install extras. He said: “There’s nothing you would normally associate with a projector install – no keyboard, no monitors, no cable runs. It’s all self-contained, controlled by an app and very easy to use.”

MirrorBox will be officially launched by the company on 16 July 2014.