DisplayMapper has held a launch event in London for its new projection-mapped display unit, which the company claims is "future-proof".

MirrorBox is a 3D projection-mapped display unit that is aimed at the retail market and DisplayMapper - part of Projection Artworks - has been showing off the technology at a launch event in Farringdon in the last week.

Through the technology, 3D projection mapping is beamed on to physical products. The company states that this works even in a daylight-visible environment.

DisplayMapper's managing director Tom Burch stated that Mirrorbox is "a hugely cost effective and easily deployable way of installing and controlling projection mapping systems in store", reports InAVate.

Retail users will be able to set up Mirrorbox to display everything from their existing video content and social channels to radio-frequency identification systems and gender-recognition technology, DisplayMapper says. The display unit can also be used for barcode scanning and Beacons, which are widely being touted as the next big thing for the retail industry.

Mr Burch said: "Content is created by the same agencies that typically produce the content via the equivalent of a [content management system] - DisplayMapper then turns this content into a 3D video mapping experience in store, across hundreds of locations simultaneously."

DisplayMapper boasts that the sky is the limit for the 3D projection mapped display unit, claiming "virtually any content can be transformed into an amazing 3D projected experience".