Disney gets patent for 'projector drones' approved
Disney is proposing an idea where they launch projector drones at its theme parks. These drones would beam images onto screens and create colourful and bright images at night.

In a patent granted this month, Disney plans to use drones, modify them into so-called projector drones. These are designed to be used in Disney’s theme parks in California and Florida. The patent diagrams show the drone’s screens to be parallel to the ground, and the projector would be beamed onto its rear surface via a reflector. Visitors to the theme parks would then allow them to watch the displays.

The patent filing describes how the drones will be used “en masse” with the intention of offering “aerial based entertainment with flying projection screens.” The projections would change depending on the music. The drones would be designed in such a way to allow air to flow through, thus minimising wind affecting the drones' flights.

The patent filing also demonstrated ways at which the projector drones could be used. Things such as aerial advertising but also using them as emergency signs for when a situation arises. Disney made it aware they were keen to explore drone technology when it applied to the Federal Aviation Administration for special permission earlier this year.