Disney has been awarded a patent for a device that would turn birthday cakes into personalised mini projection screens.

The House of Mouse has gained the patent for what has been called the “Projector Systems and Methods For Producing Digitally Augmented, Interactive Cakes and Other Food Products”. In essence, they are seeking to incorporate both a mini projector and screen into birthday cakes.

The patented device has been devised by Disney engineers, Charita Y. Carter, Charita Y, Mark Raymond Mine, Modupe Adeleye, Christopher Raynard Runco, Thomas Fraiser Laduke and Bei Yang. They have envisaged a projection screen that will allow for moving images to be projected onto the cake, offering unique party centerpieces.

The patent also includes an advanced degree of interactivity when coupled with a computer. The capabilities would allow it to dynamically generate images based on how people are interacting with the cake.

For example, it would be able to be sensitive to the topography of the cake so that if someone cut a slice out of it, it could detect the piece that has been taken away and adjust the image accordingly. Other specially coded utensils could also trigger actions that would see familiar Disney characters move around the cake.