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  1. NEC reveals compact laser projector for lecture halls

    NEC reveals compact laser projector for lecture halls NEC reveals compact laser projector for lecture halls

    Major projector manufacturer NEC has found a way of transforming traditional university lectures into collaborative learning environments with its new 5,000 lumen laser phosphor projector.

    The P502HL, first revealed at this year's ISE, offers educators and students the opportunity to view and switch between shared content, while Miracast technology means that images can be shared from mobile devices.

    Thanks to Solid State Light Source (SSL) technology, the P502HL also boasts up to 20,000 hours maintenance-free operation and eliminates the need for lamp replacement, further reducing costs.

    “Higher education organisations today make significant investments in projection technology as it’s a key aspect of the learning experience,” commented Ulf Greiner, product line manager business projectors at NEC Display Solutions Europe.

    “Large learning environments using projection technology are in almost-constant use throughout the day and evening so reliability is crucial. Organisations need to know learning venues will not be disrupted at any point. Solid state lamp projection is a key technology in ensuring this.”

    The projector offers a range of features to suit any large learning environment, including free tilting, portrait mode and 3D support, multiple inputs and a screen size that ranges from 30 - 300in. These options accommodate different installation and connectivity scenarios, making the P502HL ideal for applications ranging from museums to digital signage.

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  2. Panasonic reveals new laser projector

    Panasonic has announced the launch of a new high frame rate laser projector.

    The company revealed the new PT-RZ12KU laser projector at the 2015 National Association of Broadcasters Show, which is currently taking place in Las Vegas.

    Panasonic claims that the PT-RZ12KU will become the world’s lightest 3-Chip DLP laser projector, with the device targeted at those needing rental and staging, sports production and digital signage solutions.

    The manufacturer also announced the launch of another new device, the PT-RS11KU, which is also a 12,000 lm laser projector with SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) resolution. Both will be available in the summer.

    Art Rankin, vice-president of AV Technologies at Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, said: "Both viewers and broadcasters demand life-like imagery from their AV products.

    "These new projectors provide another outstanding option for a laser-free projector that is taking clarity to the next level."

    The top benefits of the new PT-RZ12KU projector include that the device allows for vertical, horizontal and tilting 360-degree projection, which is all enabled by a laser light source.

    With the projector also boasting multi-screen projection and geometric adjustment, Panasonic claims that the PT-RZ12KU projector's contrast ratio of 20,000:1 "eclipses the competition".

    The manufacturer added that the device is "ideal for simulation, monitoring, and specialist education roles, thanks to the high levels of detail".

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  3. Optoma named top projector seller in Americas

    Optoma is the top selling projector manufacturer in both North and South America, the firm has said.

    New models such as the HD26, HD141X, GT1080, HD161X, HD1009, EH200ST and HD50 have helped Optoma to assert its dominance in key markets such as Brazil and the United States.

    The Q4 2014 PMA Research report showed that the firm has the number one spot in the DLP 1080p projector market.

    Jon Grodem, senior director of product management, explained that there is a strong demand in the market for DLP 1080p projectors and Optoma is meeting it.

    He said the company has produced "affordable 1080p DLP projectors with technological advances that far outweigh LCD technology".

    Mr Grodem added: "It has been Optoma's direction to bring the best performance/cost ratio products to the market in all categories and this time the success is recognised in 1080p segment. Optoma will continue in this direction for 2015 in answer to market demand."

    According to the Q4 2014 PMA Research report, the Optoma HD141X is the number one selling projector in the entire North America projector market.

    Connectivity is at the heart of Optoma's projectors and they typically include top features such as wireless connectivity and Dual HDMI, along with other legacy I/O ports.

    The company added: "Optoma is dedicated to developing high quality products, and offers an extensive projector product line to provide solutions fitting all manner of projection needs seen in small businesses, enterprises, large venue installations, educational institutions, retail business, digital signage and home entertainment setups."

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  4. Porsche digital signage reveals flexibility of the tool

    New digital signage located close to Melbourne Airport in Australia has been erected as part of a clever new advertising campaign aimed at Porsche drivers.

    The signage will deliver a tailored message to drivers in Porsches who go underneath the sign. Thought to be the first of its kind, the campaign highlights the flexibility of the digital signage medium. It is being driven by car recognition technology developed by a firm called oOh! along with technology business strategists, Digital Experiences.

    The signage makes use of oOh!’s own content management system ARGLYE, along with IBM software to pick out oncoming Porsches driving along the road, before bringing up a message which reads: “It’s so easy to pick you out of a crowd” for 10 seconds.

    John Purcell, commercial director for operations and technology at oOh! said: “A camera located 300 metres from the billboard analyses the approaching vehicle make and model in real-time to identify if the car is a Porsche.

    "Once a Porsche is detected it triggers the tailored message to be displayed as the Porsche is approaching. Over one week, this particular billboard will reach up to two hundred thousand travellers as they make their way to one of Australia’s busiest airports.”

    Meanwhile, the director of marketing for Porsche Cars Australia, Toni Andreevski, said: “The power and flexibility of digital technology today is a real winner for high value brands to reach just the right audience.”

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  5. Large format display technology boosted by E Ink

    The E Ink technology - most commonly found on devices such as Amazon’s Kindle - is to make the leap to large format display applications following the launch of a new product.

    E Ink Prism, which was revealed at the recent technology show, CES 2015, is aimed at users operating in indoor spaces, such as interior designers and architects. It makes use of E Ink’s bistable E Ink technology in order to provide full colour displays that are able to be programmed to form static or dynamic patterns.

    Prism will also be able to be used for AV applications, offering an appealing alternative for digital signage applications, as it is sturdier and more robust that many of the current LCD and LED technologies. Prism displays could offer digital signage in a larger variety of shapes, meaning that it could stand apart from other technologies in existence in the digital signage arena.

    It is also thought that Prism displays could be used as interactive navigation aids to help people find their way around - students on campus, for example. They could also be used as signage in corporate environments.

    The Prism technology for large scale applications is tipped to be on offer from the end of this year.

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  6. Giant videowall boosts communications at German airport

    Matrox Graphics Inc. has confirmed that Munich Airport has installed a giant new videowall, using Matrox M-Series multi-display graphics cards in order to power a 72-monitor flight information display system.

    The airport was originally making use of an analogue system that had been in place since its opening in 1992, and showed travellers arrival and departure times on several small LEDs. The level of maintenance required by this system was no longer feasible, hence the creation of the videowall.

    The new wall is one of the largest of its kind, measuring in at 19-metres wide by 2.30-metres high and making use of Matrox M9148 quad-monitor and M9188 octal-monitor boards to display information.

    By making use of a Matrox M9148 quad-monitor and M9188 octal-monitor graphics card combination within six of InoNet's Magnius-2 videowall controller systems, the image quality was boosted, with 72 NEC X463UN displays powered, each at Full HD resolutions of 1920×1080. As a result of the narrow 5.7mm bezel, a viewing angle of 178° was ensured, making sure that the 72 displays were all visible by users from any front-viewing position.

    Susanne Gomez, key account manager digital signage at InoNet, said: "The aim of the installation was to present razor sharp content across the entire display. There is no scaling via daisy chaining on the 72 displays, where each monitor is individually supplied with Full HD content."

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  7. NEC Display Solutions Europe unveil new large format display

    NEC Display Solutions Europe has announced the launch of a new large format display, the MultiSync X474HB, which is aimed at the digital signage sector.

    Offering a suitable solution for high brightness environments and sunlight-readable operation, the new device boasts a 47-inch speciality LCD display that is capable of adapting to its surroundings in terms of brightness.

    With brightness levels of up to 2000cd/m2, the X474HB is suitable for use in shopping windows or outdoor applications such as sporting venues.

    Tobias Augustin, product manager Public Display Solutions at NEC Display Solutions Europe, said: "Large format LCD displays often struggle to be as effective in unshaded outdoor conditions where the temperature and brightness of sunlight wash out the image.

    "NEC's X474HB display addresses these issues with a high brightness display that is designed to cope with the durability and readability challenges often arise in sunlit areas. As such, this display is ideal for any heavy duty digital signage application that requires enhanced visual performance, flexible control and connectivity as well as long operating hours."

    The device comes with a 10-bit colour S-IPS panel complete with direct LED backlight, a full high-definition high-brightness panel and a ShineOut Anti-Glare coating. It also has power saving and thermal management features to ensure reduced energy usage.

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  8. NEC presents projector display at InfoComm 2014

    During the 2014 InfoComm conference, projector manufacturer NEC Display Solutions presented a huge variety of new display solutions and combinations to demonstrate to the large crowd.

    Included in the company's demonstration line-up was their latest 4K projection system, which combines the firm's up to date display technology with the latest projector updates to create a single control system that can control the project mapping around multiple displays and the tile-matrix display content.

    NEC Display also exhibited a range of other products from its expanding range, including multimedia projectors, large-screen displays, digital signage, video walls and software, some of which achieved awards from key industry names.

    Internal ARM-based digital signage media player OPS-DRD was one of the company's latest developments to win an award, being presented with the Best of InfoComm Award by AV Technology.

    The OPS-DRD runs an Android operating system, multiple video formats and high-definition content at 1080p, and is designed for use on many of the company's latest products, including digital displays and 4K projector solutions.

    Commenting on the success of the company at the annual event, senior director of product marketing for large-screen displays and projectors at NEC Display Solutions, Keith Yanke, said: “Our commitment to delivering the best options for our valued customers and partners has been validated by these distinguished awards.”

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  9. BenQ bags two best of show awards

    BenQ America Corp recently announced that two of its products have been recognised at the Newbay Media Best of Show Awards at InfoCom in Las Vegas.

    The company, which provides visual display solutions and is currently the top seller of DLP(R) projectors in North America, has seen the MW853UST ultra short-throw projector and BH380 digital signage bar display recognised by both AV Technology and Digital Signage magazine.

    Bob Wudeck, associate vice president of strategy and business development at BenQ America Corp, said:
    "We are delighted to receive this recognition from our respected peers in the industry and will continue to develop new solutions that put smart, collaborative products into the hands of students and professionals."

    The MW853UST, which is an ultra-short throw projector and includes Colorific(TM) technology, is designed for the education sector and allows tutors and students to interact by using up to four PointWrite(TM) pens or simply via special finger-touch features.

    As the projector has dual-screen capabilities, its projection area can easily be enlarged and users can work simultaneously on screens as large as 190 inches.

    BenQ’s BH380 38-inch bar display enables ultra-widescreen 32:9 signage formats and can be used on public transit and restaurant menu boards among others.

    The award ceremony took place at InfoComm show room and the panel of judges existed of professional users and editors. Winners will be featured in special Best of Show Awards Program Guide.

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  10. Ricoh announces projection signage solution

    Ricoh Americas Corporation has announced that it is offering a brand new alternative to traditional flat panel digital signage systems.

    The company's newest projector-based signage system provides users with the freedom to project onto curved, conical and spherical surfaces thanks to its ultra-short-throw capabilities.

    Sold as a package, the Digital Signage Solution from Ricoh contains their portable PJ WX4141N ultra-short-throw projector as well as a Lenovo computer preloaded with the edge blending software required to create the perfect display.

    The solution is designed to work for a number of different events and corporate occasions, whether placed in a hotel lobby or a museum. Once set up, the system projectors signage and graphics of up to 15 feet wide, making it ideal for use in large spaces.

    According to Ricoh, the new system prevents users from being constrained by the issues associated with traditional digital signage solutions, such as the size of the display or the shape of the image.

    During the announcement, Ricoh Americas vice president of technology marketing Matt Sakauchi said: "The Ricoh Digital Signage Solution is a perfect way to transform and share information and inspire audiences. It comes with everything you need, fully integrated and ready to switch on."

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