The Irish government has recently launched a EUR150 million investment programme to fit out every classroom with state-of-the-art digital learning aids to help children learn modern skills that are now seen as essential skills.

The Smart Schools = Smart Economy investment scheme intends to boost the digital future of Ireland’s classrooms. Graham Byrne of Promethean, the global learning company that provides the kit to the classrooms, says, “It's been an extraordinary investment. It will effectively provide a laptop, software and a projector in each and every classroom, which is a phenomenal baseline activity to get schools going.”

The use of digital projectors in the modern classroom is extremely useful, as they provide a means to project images, video, presentation, web content and other stored or online material onto any smooth surface. They help engage children and can enhance their learning capabilities as a result.

Byrne added that the investment programme is a positive response to the economic downturn: "It's a great start to the process of getting ICT in the classroom and giving students access to that digital future in the classroom environment."