Cinema professionals from across the world gathered in London this month for the inaugural UK Digital Cinema Conference, aimed at discussing the challenges and opportunities surrounding the shift to digital projection in cinemas.

Some 150 companies from 14 territories were represented at the conference, which was held at the Vue Cinema in the Westfield White City shopping centre. The conference featured 30 speakers, who between them addressed a broad spectrum of issues surrounding the future of cinema projection.

The conference had initially been set up just to focus on the UK and Ireland, but once word got out, projection specialists from across the world were clamouring to take part.

David Hancock, the head of film and cinema at IHS Screen Digest, kicked off the conference with an in-depth summation of how the industry currently stands in terms of digital projection deployment. He stated that, in early 2011, film projectors running 35mm film reels became the minority projection equipment in the UK, although the take up of digital projection technology varies throughout the UK.

He completed his presentation with the declaration that “by the end of 2015, 35mm will no longer exist in cinemas and that’ll be the end of that.”