A team of Finnish researchers is in the advanced development stages of a greatly-improved laser light source for the tiny projectors that are increasingly being built into mobile phones and other small devices.

The team, which consists of scientists and engineers VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, EpiCrystals and the Aalto University, is working on technology that would provide a small, energy-efficient and luminous three-colour (RGB) light source that can be manufactured at the lowest possible costs.

The principal scientist from VTT, Timo Aalto, said that the work has been ongoing since last autumn and they are now at a point where they can start assembling devices.

“The project has successfully combined multi-technological know-how from VTT and its partners in the project, from manufacturing materials and the accurate focusing of laser chips all the way to production line design,” he said. “It is our goal to prove by next summer that large quantities of the new laser light sources can be manufactured quickly and economically.”

EpiCrystals' Tomi Jouhti said that the technology they were working on had not been developed anywhere else in the world, and that large manufacturers were keeping a close eye on their progress.