US company Ricoh has unveiled a range of new projectors designed for business meetings, which it promises will leave the meeting room table uncluttered.

The RICOH PJ X3340, PJ WX3340, PJ X3340N and PJ WX3340N Desk Edge projection equipment is built to be mounted on the edge of a table or on the ceiling, keeping wires, lights and vents away from those attending the presentation.

Ricoh Americas Corporation spokesman Matt Sakauchi said: "We believe projection systems deserve the same design optimisation that cameras, printers and smart phones are undergoing to provide higher-end functions in sleeker packages.

"In addition to delivering compelling presentations, these systems make a powerful statement about your business and how you want to treat the people you're hosting."

The projectors are designed with the fan and cable connections on the lens side and developers have created a new auto brightness function which adjusts brightness depending on the light in the room, to prolonging lamp life.

The networked models in the range work via wireless or wired connections and can be controlled via the Ricoh @Remote software. The whole range can be operated via one-touch keys or remote control.