A top fashion designer used an advanced LG 3D projector to make his line stand out from the crowd at New York Fashion Week last week.

New York-based designer Marc Bouwer used LG's CF3D projector to present his line, issuing the invitation-only guests of his show with cinema-style 3D glass through which to experience his 2011 autumn line bright, crisp and clear 3D video.

Bouwer, who was born in South Africa, said he had pushed boundaries last year with his fashion show and wanted to carry on that trend.

"Last year we broke with the status quo by only presenting our show online and we felt a 3D show was a great way to keep pushing the envelope this year," he explained. "LG's projector offered the right 3D technology with robust picture quality and a clarity that allowed me to introduce my new line through an unforgettably immersive experience."

The CF3D is the first ever full-HD dual engine single lens 3D projector. It offers brightness of 2,500 ANSI lumens for 2D viewing and 1,250 for 3D, with a high contrast ratio of 7,000:1.

It has two projection engines built into one unit, unlike other 3D projection systems, which require two separate projectors. This reduces that space and size required to display the 3D image, and, with an advanced LCOS-based system, can create the polarised stereoscopic image pair within the unit, projecting the two images simultaneously for maximum brightness.