Dell’s latest 3D-ready ultra short-throw projector, the S500wi, is ideal for the classroom, allowing teachers to project large displays in confined spaces.

The S500wi uses a mirror projection system rather than a lens to achieve its ultra-short throw capabilities, meaning it can be positioned much closer to the projector screen.

It can beam a 2m diagonal image from just 0.51m from the projection surface - and with next to nothing between the projector and the image, shadows are a thing of the past.

Although primarily intended for use as a ceiling-mount unit (a mounting plate is available separately), this projector also performs in desktop mode, where the mirror system and short range means that presenters can easily avoid lamp glare.

The 1200x800 pixel native resolution provides a sharp, clear picture, while the long lamp life of up to 3,000 hours means there will be fewer interruptions to presentations.

Among the advanced features are multi-PC session capability, 4-to-1 split screen, wireless connection to multiple DLP Link 3D goggles and a wireless pen that allows the presenter to interact with the projected display on any surface.

Plus, bundled with the projector is a single-user licence for the Interwrite Workspace e-learning software, which can turn most surfaces into an interactive whiteboard.