Dell has announced that it has released a projector that is perfect for use in board meetings, presentations and conferences, due to the fact that it is wireless.

The Dell S300w Short-Throw Wireless Projector is a great solution for people who want a portable projector option, as cables and wires are not required. This fantastic new projector is even 3D enabled and projects images of up to 90 inches from a distance of around three feet.

As well as being useful for the workplace, educators and training professionals will also find the portable nature of the projector useful, allowing it to be moved easily between classrooms. Its wireless connectivity means it does not need to be placed next to a computer storing the video. Instead it can be placed in a spot that facilitates the best, clearest picture as it will receive the information from the computer wirelessly.

Dell also includes its “plug and show USB” which also enables users to connect the device to a PC through a USB flash device. Additional features include an anti-shadow mechanism and a built-in close captioning facility for users who have impaired hearing.