Dell has announced the launch of one of its most portable projectors yet, the M110 Ultra Mobile Projector.

The device aims to tackle the market between generally poorer quality pico projectors and the bulky high performance devices.

It is being marketed as a portable media hub, that will be more than just a projector for its users. At just 0.8 pounds, the device can be moved between office and home to cater for whatever is required at the time, be it gaming or spreadsheets.

With the 1GB of internal memory and a microSD memory card slot to increase this further, the projector can carry films and documents with it, again improving its use as a portable device.

However, its connectivity also allows for use with other devices should this be required. There is the option of VGA, HDMI or USB input, which will allow people to run applications from a digital camera, DVD player or a video game console. On top of this, there is also a wireless dongle to allow people to have a wire-free experience with the projector.

Its light is not quite top of the range, but it will deliver sufficient brightness to allow the device to be used within a lit room. The projector lamp is also efficient enough that it will supply around 20,000 hours of service before it requires replacement.