Home cinema viewers and gamers may prefer a ceiling-installed projector, but sometimes that may not work in the room available, so Draper’s Credenza Projector Lift could offer the ideal solution to the problem.

The product allows for a projector or video conferencing camera to be installed in almost any cabinet or other piece of furniture in a residential home or business setting.

The Credenza Projector Lift raises the projector out of the cabinet or piece of furniture at the touch of a button, making it ideal for those who would rather not have the projector on display when it is not in use, or who need to save space. Once the projector is finished with, it can be retracted back into the cabinet quickly and easily.

The life mechanism is also able to be fitted with different shelf sizes in order to accommodate a range of different projectors, and is able to be controlled via wall switch or remote control.

Draper will be showcasing the product – which is aimed at the home cinema user but which also has many other applications – at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association’s latest EXPO, taking place from 25 to 28 September in Denver, Colorado.