Projectors could be a great present for someone this Christmas, with such a variety of gadgets on offer.

Epson, for example, has recently launched a combination digital dock projector – the MegaPlex MG-50.

The device is designed to work with all sorts of gadgets, but the fact that it has a built-in dock for the iPod, iPhone and iPad could make it particularly tempting for Apple fans.

By docking the mobile device into the projector, the user can view all of their content on a large screen making it easy to view and share important family moments and videos.

“Catering to the new digital lifestyle, the MegaPlex is changing the way movies, gaming, slideshows, presentations, music, and more are shared - whether inside for a movie-like setting or even outdoors!” the manufacturer noted.

Anna Jen, Epson's director of new business development, added that the device could provide a unique present for those “with distinct taste and a flair for the digital lifestyle”.

The projector has a native resolution of 540p and is capable of delivering 2,200 lumens of brightness, so it could be used in a room with some ambient light, making it that bit more flexible.