Canon is adding to its popular Xeed range of projectors with the launch of the new Xeed Compact Installation series later this year.

The new range of projectors will consist of two standard models – the Xeed WUX450 and Xeed WX520 – and two short-throw projectors – the Xeed WUX400ST and Xeed WX450ST. The manufacturer has said that the projectors will be based on the same hardware designs, but the short-throw projectors will feature a new Canon lens with a throw ratio of less than 0.6:1. The lens will allow the projectors to create images of up to 100 inches on the diagonal from just 1.3 metres away.

The two standard models will both be equipped with a 1.8x zoom projection lens, with a constant aperture of F2.8, allowing for virtually no loss of brightness.

All of the projectors will have dedicated eco buttons, allowing for power consumption to be reduced to 0.081 watts per lumen for the WUX450 and 0.068 watts per lumen for the WX520. All four of the projectors have built-in hardware edge blending, meaning that the projectors can easily be used by system integrators to create panoramic images through the use of multiple projectors.

The launch date of the projectors has not yet been set, but Canon has said to expect them in the second half of 2013.