Collaboration brings new possibilities with education projectors
A new partnership between Epson and SMART Technologies Inc looks set to deliver some interesting new products in the education projector arena.

The partnership will see Epson BrightLink Interactive Projectors bundled with the SMART company's Notebook software. In practice, this looks set to bring forth some great new tools for collaborative learning.

Educators will be able to work with Epson's top interactive projectors and SMART's learning software to build new learning environments through the use of features like finger touch and a dual pen functionality. Educators will also be able to access full training solutions for the classroom technology to ensure that they can make the most of it with their pupils.

Keith Kratzberg, senior vice president, at Epson, commented: “Educators are seeking the best hardware and software solutions to help them teach effectively, and to drive student engagement and learning outcomes.

“This partnership speaks directly to the needs of teachers to create engaging, impactful and fun lessons, as well as to respond to the needs of learners in real-time. By bringing together these leading interactive classroom technologies, we are providing the tools to meet those needs.”

Classroom projectors are a great tool for anyone looking to create new learning environments and motivate pupils. There are a wide range of suitable projectors, but it's generally best to look for something below 3,500 lumens for a typical installation as anything too bright can strain your eyes if you look at it for too long.

Other guidance to keep in mind when looking for the right classroom projector is to look for a short throw lens to ensure that you can get a large image if even if the projector has to be situated right at the front of the classroom. This isn't such an issue if you're able to mount the projector on the ceiling, but it's worth keeping in mind if flexibility of use might be required in the future.

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