A series of cinemas across Los Angeles have had NEC 3D digital projectors installed especially for the arrival of Avatar, the £300-million science fiction extravaganza from Titanic director James Cameron which premiered in the city last week.

Bosses at Pacific Theatres and ArcLight Cinemas say a major reason for upgrading to the digital cinema projectors was to show 3D feature movies like Avatar, though the devices will be employed to show popular movies in standard format as well.

"We found the NEC NC2500S-A projectors to be a great fit for us, especially with the new higher light output for amazing picture quality," explained Joe Miraglia, Pacific's director of design, construction and facilities. "We’re very excited to be 100 per cent ready to bring Avatar to our audiences."

Representatives for NEC pointed out that cinema audiences' expectations "are pretty high these days".

"There are great 3D movies coming out, and NEC digital cinema projectors are transforming the audience experience," added Jim Reisteter from the digital projector specialist.

The NEC NC2500S-A projector's latest technical enhancement lets 3D content harness the full 2K resolution of its 1.2-inch DMD from Texas Instruments, using triple flash technology for smooth motion.